• Coming Soon - Sept 16, 2017
    Tri-City Latino Festival 2017
  • Ven a pasarla bueno !
    Te esperamos este 16 de Sept., 2017

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About Us

Historical Background By: Gregory P. Ellerbee Jr. The creation of the festival all started with a dream. A dream to unite all walks of life for one unique purpose. A phone call from Harold “Lefty” Encarnacion, from Millie’s International Market, had Evelyn “Mimi” Woodson thinking, “What now? What does he want me to do? What’s going on?” Mimi, questions in mind, goes to his store and the first thing she says is, “Okay Lefty. What now…what’s going on?” Lefty says, “I have an idea. Calm down.” Mimi shakes her head and says, “Ok…alright…what?” Smiling, Lefty says, “I want to do a Latin Festival.” Shockingly, Mimi says, “What?” Lefty repeate...

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